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A true story from my book Premonitions on Amazon.


It began in 1973. I was 17 and had a dream which resulted in a true to life encounter.

Over the years, through the present time I've had many vivid dreams come true in some way since that day in 1973.

I don't know exactly if they are premonitions or intuitive feelings but what I do know is that they are never pleasant and always result in a bad situation.

The interesting aspect is that I have a terrible memory from day to day but I remember these dreams in vivid detail and the resulting scenario.

These are true stories. I tried to remember the dates so as to write them in chronological order so they may not be exact though the years are exact.


Unfamiliar Face

It was 1973. I was working my first job as a bank teller. A redundant boring task, filing checks by hand. Though for me I was excited as it was my new job and I was getting paid.

The night before I was to start this new endeavor I had a variety of different dreams some of which I can remember and some I completely forget.

While dreaming, I had a ten second glimpse of a very handsome man with a blinding and foreboding stare looking right through me. It woke me up with an uncomfortable feeling.

I dismissed the face and went on to get ready for my new job. I left early and hopped on a streetcar on my way downtown. We arrived at the Castro street stop. At that time there were no underground stations.

I was sitting on an aisle seat looking out the window. The streetcar was fairly full and I felt someone standing next to me in the aisle. I looked up and saw that foreboding stare. That handsome face in my dream looking down right through me. My heart dropped and I must have been staring back because he threw a smile at me. Even with that smile it scared me and I got off the streetcar at the next stop and waited for another one.

Had this happened now rather than when I was so young, I would have started a conversation with him but nevertheless it was strange and unexplained. I vividly remember that face to this day and that was 48 years ago.



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