Creative Connection at the Hong Kong Arts Center

Photo of Artist K.C. Chow taken in Hong Kong by author.

This was an unexpected treat. While walking through Hong Kong Park I came across the arts center. I didn't know beforehand that it was even there. I walked up to the door and saw a guard there with no one else around so I thought it was closed. He then opened the door and motioned for me to go inside which I did. I'm so glad I went inside. There was a poet/artist, K.C. Chow who was exhibiting his artwork in the gallery. We were the only two there and though I speak only a couple of words in Chinese and he a little more in English we were able to carry on a conversation. His art pieces were so creative and he welcomed my taking photos of some of the pieces. He was such a kind and gentle soul and I so enjoyed meeting him. He gave me his book of essays which I didn't realize until I left was completely in Chinese. The only thing I could read was the ISBN number. I'll have to have it translated.

K.C. Chow Artwork

K. C. and the Arts Center

We greet

with a reverent bow

and warm handshake.

Reverent – irreverent

artifacts decorate

desolate walls.

Haunting, amusing

eccentric mediums,

creative illusions

brought to life

upon canvas and paper.

Panoramic calligraphy

vertical poetry

spotlights stories

of rivers and ponds

as K.C. explains

in broken English,

my reply

a reverent bow

and broken Cantonese.

We relate, communicate

in poetic harmony

both poets and artists

from different lands

together as fate

would dictate

the creative connection.

Thank you for reading



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