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Joanne has been writing for 50 years. She is a published author, poet and photographer. Her works have appeared in numerous in print and online publications such as The Parnassus Literary Journal, Westward Quarterly,
The San Diego Arts and Poets Magazine, Nomads Choir, SP Quill, just to name a few. Her photography has been published in the San Francisco Botanical Gardens website and printed materials.

She was awarded a round-trip ticket to Hong Kong in 2007 by Cathay Pacific Airways for her winning entry in their poetry contest.

Joanne is the founder and editor of Yasou A Celebration of Life Ezine, Stanzaic Stylings Literary Ezine, Artique and Delicious Delights. She is an Editor and weekly prompt creator for Promptly Written publication on Medium.

Joanne enjoys reading, writing, collecting old poetry books, live music
concerts, roaming art galleries and museums, leisurely lunches with
friends in diners, getting out in nature with her camera and making toys
for and playing with her feathered companion, Sammers.

Joanne’s Medium Links

My photo writing challenge prompts at Promptly Written.

Joanne's Photo Writing Challenge

19 stories

Visit my publications Artique and Delicious Delights.

Artique and Delicious Delights

2 stories

My Sammers The Cockatiel Stories.


16 stories

If you enjoy my work consider buying me a coffee.


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Joanne Olivieri

Joanne Olivieri

Published author, poet and photographer. Love birds, animals, food, art, books, music. Contact jmcojo@gmail.com - https://medium.com/@jodapoet